Client Testimonials

Check out our client testimonials! Families share how Jamie’s coaching program has forever changed their lives. They often go from feeling hopeless, anxious and depressed to happy, confident and excited about life! We love spreading the love!


“[Before Girl Reimagined] I was worried that nobody would talk and everybody would have their cameras off. Basically no interaction with the other girls.”

Instead, she experienced something completely different, “Everyone is so nice & welcoming to you & don’t be scared that some are going into college & you’re going into high school”

Emily encourages girls to, “DO IT. The things you gain from just being in the environment are incredible.”

Daughter transformed client testimonial

A Parent Shares Their Daughter’s Journey

“Our daughter’s transformation has been wonderful to see. She is much more confident, she is open to initiating proactive conversations with us about feelings she is having. She is much more happy and joyful. We have also seen her initiating much more healthy relationships with her friend group. As parents, we have also learned tools to communicate and more healthy ways to deal with conflicts. Our total family relationship has been so much stronger.”

Happy teen client testimonial

Teen Chloe Shares Her Journey

“Before I joined the program I was not in a good mental space. Anxiety was affecting my life so much, to the point that I was losing friends, getting bad grades, and just not ok. I was very depressed and just had no motivation to do anything. I was never really happy. There were always so many emotions going on inside my head and I didn’t know what to do with them all! I always felt stuck! [Now] My anxiety has lowered a lot and I’m so much happier! I have a lot more motivation to go out and do things! I have the tools to handle my anxiety and feel more in control of my life!”

Motivated teen client testimonial

Parent Stacey Shares Her Daughter’s Journey

“[Before Girl Reimagined] Jess was suffering emotionally from two years plus experience with a group of bullies. She was getting increasingly more anxious and experiencing panic attacks and creating bad habits in dealing with her overwhelming emotions. This was particularly evident is social settings and school. [After Girl Reimagined] She has shown much more interest in helping herself. She’s more motivated to be a part of things socially and at school. She’s much more open and talking about not only the situation but why she’s gained from it all, as opposed to what she has lost.”

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Positive teen client testimonial

Teen Ella Shares Her Journey

“I was in a total downward spiral and I couldn’t find a way to get myself somewhere that I wanted to be. I wanted to feel and enjoy parts of my life that may not be good, but at least I can get myself through and feel happy. [Now] I know how to push through in different situations; with my family, friends and social events. I learned responsibility for my life. I took control and decided to enjoy life. The girls you will meet make such an impact on you. The positivity is amazing and it is something you should take advantage of. I want to continue to try and be better for myself, staying positive, not letting the negative overrule and find people who will support me like the girls I’ve met here.”

Confident teen

Parent Jodi Shares Her Daughter’s Journey

“You cannot want change more than your child. If she doesn’t recognize the issue, you feed into her already feeling broken. However, anything is worth trying. You cannot put a price tag on mental health and wellness. If your daughter comes out of the program with any growth, then it is worth it. More so, if you put the time and effort in, the parenting tools you will learn will benefit you and your child’s relationship for years to come. Mackenzy has learned to stand up for herself. She has set boundaries with people who have hurt her. She has stood up for herself verbally in bullying situations, or has chosen not to engage. Mackenzy has been more available to converse with about topics that she would not normally engage in.”

Teen Sam Shares Her Journey

“Life was an emotional rollercoaster. I got bullied a lot so I never really had any friends, which is super lonely and I was always anxious and didn’t know how to overcome that anxious feeling. I was always an outcast in school and never really knew to how talk to people first and I would always wait for people to talk to me. I was always feeling down and never really wanted to get out of bed. Girl Reimagined has helped me so much. No matter what you are going through, this group is for you. It will teach you valuable tools and lessons to help deal with whatever you’re going through. Also, it’s nice knowing that at [every week] there is a group of judgemental free girls to vent all your problems and celebrations to.”

A Parent Shares Their Daughter’s Journey

“We felt completely lost and like it was serious enough that if we did do [something], we were afraid of what was next for [our daughter]. I showed [our daughter] one of [Jamie’s] videos from Facebook and [our daughter] connected with the statement that in therapy she felt like all she was doing was talking about what was wrong. She wanted helpful ways to make it right. This program showed her a path to make things right – to find her smile, to try hard things. She really connected with the group calls and told me it was her favorite part. She didn’t feel like she was the only one. It took some time, but she really started to believe in herself again. She quieted some voices that were telling her she couldn’t do things. She’s taken baby steps to push through challenges and had successes. Each time she does that, she gains confidence. She’s opening up more and asking for help. She’s almost over independent, she is trying to push through that. She isn’t isolating as much. Her blinds are open, she’s talking and laughing with us. She’s spending time with us. If you can find a way, do it. I wish I had invested earlier for my older daughter. I’m so thankful for Jamie and the way she connects with the girls. She gives them tools, tangible things to do, to work through all of their challenges.”

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Teen Addie Shares Her Journey

“I was very quiet and very anxious. School was a daily battle just to survive it felt like. I was afraid to be myself around my friends and peers, for fear they would judge me. I had developed a strong negative thought; that everyone thought I was weird and that was a bad thing. I was overall just not very happy and feeling very lost. [After Girl Reimagined] I’m more confident. I can be myself around my friends and have fun in school again. I’m not saying my anxiety has gone away, but I find that I’m able to handle it much better now. The thing that has made the biggest impact for me would have to be; just the thoughts of taking your life in your own hands, and rewiring the way I think to be more positive and just realizing that I can be myself and it’s okay.”

Parent Lisa Shares Her Daughter’s Journey

“Life before Girl Reimagined was worrisome for me and a struggle for my daughter. My daughter was continuing to spiral downward and I didn’t see an end in sight. She was extremely sad and lonely. She had been resistant to therapy in the past, so when she said she needed a teen coach, it was my goal to find her one. I’ve seen a great transformation in my daughter. She is more confident, more open and she knows that she has the tools to overcome challenges. My daughter has a new perspective and way of thinking that brings more joy into her life. She is a better communicator, committed to self care and is learning to express her needs. And last but not least, she can navigate her way out of depressive episodes when they come.”

Teen Alena Shares Her Journey

“[Girl Reimagined] has been very helpful. It’s given me a place where I can be comfortable and myself. I’ve had safe people to reach out to when things get hard, or when good things happen. I’ve had a group of girls who will listen to my celebrations and my loses. It’s been a great experience to have a safe place to go. I now realize that this is exactly what I needed. This has been one of the biggest changes in my life and with all the support I have, it’s been so much easier to go through. I know I can reach out for help and that I don’t have to go through things alone. My advice to other girls….I think you should take a chance. Take a chance on something that might very well benefit your life, you just don’t know it yet. Be patient and be open. Some of these girls have more in common with you than you think. It’s been an amazing experience and it’s been one of the best things that’s happened to me this past year.”

A Parent Shares Their Daughter’s Journey

“[Our daughter] seemed pretty unmotivated and she has had a lot of difficulty taking the next step in her life. There were many days that she would stay in bed and miss meetings/appointments. We really have been worried about [our daughter] since middle school. Therapy did not seem to be enough. She was floundering academically and socially and we were worried about her being able to be self sufficient. [After Girl Reimagined] [our daughter] does not lie in bed anymore. While she still spends a lot of time in her room, when I do check on her she seems to be engaged in something other than watching tv or wallowing away doing nothing. I have seen an improved mood overall and not the major depressive state that we have seen in the past. The knowledge the girls and parents in this program gain is something that all teens and parents should know, as I think it would help so many families.”

Happy confident teen

Teen Ele Shares Her Journey

“Life felt really heavy before Girl Reimagined. It felt like I was on a low and I would never be able to get out of it. I had really poor self trust and body confidence as well. Everything has changed for me in the last few months, my confidence is way up and overall I feel more efficient in dealing with my mental health.”

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Parent Elissa Shares Her Daughter’s Journey

“[Then] She was sad, secretive, anxious, stressed out, and very far away from me. I had tried counseling, school counselor, lots of talking, but nothing I said made any difference whatsoever. I laid awake some nights just crying…this wasn’t my girl. She was in pain and I didn’t know where to turn to help her. [Now] She is happy again. She is motivated, she is calm, she is strong, she is participating in life again. If this is your girl…try one more thing…try one more time. Jamie is different, this program is different. They are developing skills to navigate life, not just talking about it.”

Teen Emily Shares Her Journey

“[Before Girl Reimagined] I was personally going through a rough patch in my life where I seemed super stuck and didn’t have the right tools for myself. [Now] I feel more confident and independent, and feel like I have the right tools when I need them. I have used the resources and notes that I have taken from this program and they really help me a ton. There’s nothing bad that can come out of this program, and in the end of it you will feel so much better about how you approach and deal with the bumps in the road.”

A Parent Shares Their Daughter’s Journey

“I felt so desperate for help I didn’t really have any [reservations] for myself other than maybe some judgement on how we handled things in the past. I did worry that [our daughter] wouldn’t be completely ‘open’ to it and participate since she had such a lack of motivation for anything. [Now] she seems more engaged in spending time with the family or being more ‘present’. She definitely wants to resolve conflicts right then and there instead of walking away. She tells me what she needs/wants from us now, like ‘I need you to be more supportive, I need you to say you are proud of me’. Although I think we are not ‘finished’ in her journey, it’s definitely been a good start. It’s opened up communication more.”

A Teen Shares Her Journey

“[Before Girl Reimagined] I was constantly worried about being unprepared and panicking over trivial things. I was so busy replaying potential evens in my head that I could never do my work. All of this stress built up to the point where I constantly wished I never existed. [Now] I’ve learned to manage my time very well to where I can get my work done earlier and even sometimes get ahead. I realized that I have all the time in the world and I need to remember that. I think [Girl Reimagined] is a great opportunity to try. It’s very helpful and provides tools and advice on how to improve your mental and physical health.”

Teen Mackenzie Shares Her Journey

“[Before Girl Reimagined] I was super insecure and had no ways to treat my situations so I would spend my days letting my life attack me while having nothing to defend myself with. It was like I was driving with no seatbelt or rock climbing with no helmet. There is no reason to to join! You are only benefitting yourself and your life when you do all that is provided to you. This program only wants the best for you and is constantly pushing you to learn and grow to the girl you want to be. Yes, I have had my ups and downs. Although, I still had the tools from Girl Reimagined in my head that got me through lots of obstacles. I also realized how I am not the only one who struggles mentally, there are many teen girls who do too, which made me feel less alone. I am going to be typing out me detailed notes from each week’s lesson and make it into a book so I have so neat notes I can always have with me for now and the rest of my life.”

Parent Lori Shares Her Daughter’s Journey

“[Then] Claire was VERY negative and mentally beat herself up over everything. She lost confidence in herself to make decisions, to be a friend, to do well on a project or an exam. She was depressed and only wanted to sleep. [Now] Claire is embracing the tools taught in the course. She is re-writing them, writing in different colors, organizing them. She is motivated and happy. She acts like she can take on the world.”

Teen Mikayla Shares Her Journey

“Life before Girl Reimagined was disappointing and boring. It felt like a continuous loop of school and work with barely any time for myself. I would say that only good things come from joining Girl Reimagined. You learn tons of useful information and tools that you could use at any time in your life. The thing that made the biggest impact for me was seeing the progress I’ve made. I can feel and see improvement in my happiness, confidence, and anxiety since starting the program.”

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A Parent Shares Their Daughter’s Journey

“[Before Girl Reimagined] we were worried about the effects of quarantine combined with regular growing up teenage angst and an increase in anxiety about the future…[our daughter] was not out of her room very much, and her explosive anger towards her brother especially was making us concerned for everyone. We could tell that she was withdrawing, and that was amplified by the pandemic. Working with Jamie in an investment that is worth it! The program provided us opportunities to grow and build connections, with new peers as well as with each other. As a parent, I appreciated the attention and support in weekly lessons that helped me be more mindful too!”

Teen Emily Shares Her Journey

“[Before Girl Reimagined] I would often stay in bed for most or all of the day. When I did get up, I would spend a lot of time feeling guilty or ashamed of all the time I wasted, but had very little motivation for fixing anything. It was very difficult to make myself be productive or even find the strength/motivation to keep trying at all. I was worried that [Girl Reimagined] would be more of a ‘class’ where I was told things I already knew, something I had to do instead of something I wanted to do. I didn’t think I would be able to do the work and that I’d be wasting time and money. I was also worried it would take up a lot of my free time and feel like homework or a chore. [Now] I am more equipped to handle the stress of everyday life, I am actually willing to try new things and techniques with more of an open mind. I feel like I am continuously putting in work, but not in the same way as homework; it feels more like I’m building something, so I feel more of a sense of responsibility and actually want to keep putting in work. As a pretty introverted person, I didn’t think the group calls would be for me either, but it’s important to remember that no one will judge you and everyone is there to listen and help however they can. Everyone is dealing with their own stuff, so you’re never alone and it’s also a good way to meet new friends from other places that know what you’re going through and offer support, advice, or just listen.”

Parent Lisa Shares Her Daughter’s Journey

“Before Girl Reimagined our daughter was having social anxiety, exhibiting signs of depression, confidence had dropped to zero, saying yes to please others, verbalizing negative self talk, and expressing no hope for the future. [Now] Confidence has returned, she is now setting and working toward goals, gives herself and others grace, practices positive self talk, smiling and laughing again, speaks up respectfully when something upsets her, say no, and taking personal responsibility.”


“[Before Girl Reimagined] I felt like I was failing my 14 year old daughter. We routinely spent time one on one together. She was always very open with her thoughts and feelings. She started to become very dark and negative. I heard all of her concerns and worries but since I struggled with anxiety as a teen, I tried to teach her myself thinking it would be something she would outgrow. It quickly became this overwhelming dark cloud of uncertainty.  This extreme anxiety and depression consumed our life.

[After Girl Reimagined] There’s a positive light that has turned on. Although she is still struggling with her test and grade anxiety, she is making huge strides in self-confidence and showing excitement for independence! It’s like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. Her and I have always been close, but our conversations are more lighthearted and I’m more empathetic – only offering advice if she wants to hear it. My husband and son both have a better relationship with her now and she is working towards having a social life. She is actually planning for her future!  There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Working with Jamie and her team was a breath of fresh air for all of us. It not only helped our daughter, but it gave me better tools to empathize with her instead of always spitting out advice.”

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“[Before Girl Reimagined] Life was kind of hard to handle. I got stressed easily, I couldn’t handle my emotions, and I had a hard time dealing with most situations.

[After Girl Reimagined] It really does help. You learn a lot more than you think and you become a better version of yourself through small steps so you don’t even realize it until you think about how your old self would have reacted.”


“[Before Girl Reimagined] I felt kind of alone, and felt like no one knew how I felt and what it was like to constantly be scared.

[After Girl Reimagined] The thing that had made the biggest impact is that I have made friends that can help me and that I can help myself. The environment was very carefree and you would never be judged. Everyone starts off nervous but this is a very loving group. Everyone is there for you and loves you. Talking with the girls/ participating in the chat messages are really fun and help as a sort of bonding.”


“[Before Girl Reimagined] Our concerns were mainly in the area of her anxiety with social opportunities and returning to in person school etc. The greater her anxiety got the more negative her overall outlook, self talk and self esteem seemed to get.

[After Girl Reimagined] [The] biggest changes we’ve seen in the past 12 weeks are how much her overall attitude and outlook is more positive, and she’s just game now to do most anything socially. She’s making plans and suggestions for activities. The confidence we saw in the beginning of middle school seems to be back.”