Teen girl on phone needs help

This therapist lost her job

Coaching or Therapy – Which might be best for your daughter?

This true story shows what doesn’t help teen girls, (and why this family let this therapist go). It may help you move closer to determining whether coaching or therapy is the best option for your girl.

Before her family found me, one of the teens I coached had seen a therapist, recommended by the family doctor.

She didn’t want to go, and was a little nervous about what the session would be like. 

Their daughter had her phone in her hand as a way to deal with the jitters she was feeling.

Then, the therapist walked in, and decided to “mirror” her behavior. 

So she picked up her own phone…

And the two of them sat there for an hour, scrolling on their phones.


What about that poor girl who needed help? Where did this leave her?

This story infuriates me every time I think of it.

Time is precious. Especially when your daughter is hurting and needs the right kind of support.

Your daughter might not need therapy.  

I’m not sharing this story to put therapists in a poor light, as psychotherapy can be a valuable resource.

But it’s not always the best choice when teen girls need help.

If you’ve ever been to a therapist, you understand.

You can spend months discussing painful memories, and progress is typically incremental.

Sometimes it can take years.

And a 16 year-old who’s trying to cope with the stress of life hopes for change to come quickly.

Coaching offers TOOLS to help teen girls move forward.

When girls receive tools that can help them navigate their challenges, they can help change their lives.

In coaching sessions girls learn how to manage stress, deal with their emotions, and how to handle difficult relationships. When they take steps forward and experience new results, their confidence can SKYROCKET!

Pair this with seeing how valuable they are, and it’s amazing what happens.

Girls become more able to do what’s best for them and stand up for themselves.

They can problem solve when the mean girls are at their lunch table.

They can use their strength to help themselves and others, rather than being stuck in panic mode.

This is why I became a coach. So I could help troubled teen girls gain confidence in a matter of weeks.

I’ve been coaching teens now for over 20 years and one of the biggest joys I experience is when I see girls like your daughter have the freedom to be themselves wherever they are.

If you want your daughter be free from the anxiety that causes her to act out, linger in self-doubt, and see herself as not enough, coaching could be the best choice.

To learn how coaching, not therapy, might be the right fit for your daughter watch my masterclass.

If you have seen my masterclass, schedule a call ASAP!

On the call, I’ll listen carefully and give you my perspective. Then, we’ll craft a step-by-step plan to get her on track to enjoy the rest of her teenage years!