How to Get Over Your Ex for Good

Exactly How to You Get Over Your Ex? Let us tell you…

 Recovering from a breakup is a long, lonely process. Did you know, on average it can take twice as long to get over someone as the relationship itself? That means if you dated for six months, it can take up to a year to get over your Ex. While there are no quick-fixes when it comes to mending a broken heart, you don’t have to be stuck in a place of sorrow for any longer than a few months. How you process your breakup has everything to do with how quickly you pick up the pieces and move on.

The quickest way to get over your Ex is to work through your emotions rather than bottling them up. If you aren’t allowing yourself to feel, your emotions will build up until they leak out in unwanted forms such as depression, and anxiety. By journaling a few times a week, you are giving yourself time to reflect and feel your emotions.

Here are 3 ways your journal can help you recover from your breakup quickly:


  • Your Journal Will Never Get Sick of Hearing Your Breakup Story


After the tubs of Ben & Jerry’s and I’m sorry’s run out, your journal will always be there. Friends are awesome during the immediate aftermath of a breakup, but we all know that after awhile, they get sick of hearing about it. Probably WAY before you are done talking about it. Your journal will never get sick of hearing your story. Write in a journal as if you are telling your breakup story to a person who’s never heard it. Everyone should journal after a breakup, even if you HATE journaling.

      2)    Writing in Your Journal Allows You to Work THROUGH Your Emotions

You can try to ignore your feelings, but they will never go away. Do you ever feel like your emotions are all jumbled up? You’re not even sure you can explain them? Journaling can help unscramble your emotions and give you more clarity. Writing about how angry, sad, or hurt you are can help reduce the intensity of these emotions in real-life.

      3) Your Journal Will Keep You Honest

Somewhere along the line, we convince ourselves that our Ex was the greatest thing that has ever happened to us. After a while of feeling heartbroken, we suffer from some strange form of amnesia, that convinces us our Ex was the most amazing person EVER. Your journal serves as a great reminder of the truth. Most likely, your Ex wasn’t the greatest person ever, as the term “breakup” implies that your relationship was broken, and the best way to remember all that was wrong in your relationship is to write it down.

When you find yourself pining over your Ex, you can refer to the journal and remind yourself that your old relationship wasn’t all that perfect, and your Ex really wasn’t the greatest person in the world.

**BONUS TIPS & Journal Prompts

Closure isn’t something you get from your Ex

Everyone searches for closure after a relationship. You know…that one, last, conversation with your Ex that will help understand WHY they broke up with you. Has anyone ever actually felt better after this conversation? I think not. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Many women who have had the “break-up conversation”, feel even more deeply hurt and confused as the explanations that are given are rarely acceptable.   

The truth is no one can give you that sense of closure, you have to find it yourself. Journaling will help you find peace with your breakups more quickly than one hundred conversations with your ex. Listen, You don’t need anything from the person that broke your heart. Closure comes when you take your power back.

My best advice is if you’re looking for closure, is write a letter to your ex (it is not intended to be given to them). I recommend writing it, and then destroying it however you want. Burn it, tear it up, throw darts at it, and repeat the process as many times as necessary until your feelings are less intense.

Here are a few prompts for writing your letter:

  1. I’m angry that…
  2. I’m hurt because…
  3. What I wish you knew was…
  4. I deserve more because…
  5. I’m moving on now because…
  6. My wish for you is…
  7. My hope for me is…

No matter how bad things feel right now, you will recover from your breakup. You may even learn a thing or two about yourself in the process. As each of our relationships come to an end, we get better at knowing what we are looking for in a relationship. Journaling helps clarify your feelings, and sort out the pain, anger, and sadness so you can move on more quickly.

Don’t let past relationships hold you back from achieving your best self. YOU deserve to be happy. Only YOU have the power to do so.



p.s. Journaling can help you get through all kinds of hard stuff, it’s been a lifesaver for me. Read some of my most personal journal entries here…

We Are Only as Free as We Allow Ourselves To Be


A quick guide to getting over your ex for good.

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