How Coaching Works

Parents want to do the best job possible for their children and sometimes that means knowing when to bring in someone else to help…

This is Martha, hear how working with me helped her daughter

I remember the first time I picked my daughter up from her session with Jamie… she was so visably relieved to have somebody to talk to and share things with. Having that trusted voice in her life has helped all of us.

Do you want more for your teen? Do you want your teen to do well academically, socially & be excited about their future? Maybe it’s not happening and you don’t know what to do. As a parent you feel like you are supposed to have all of the answers, but being a parent of a teenager is really tough, and that’s why I’m here.

Or, maybe your child is doing well. Many of my clients are knocking it out of the park… straight A’s, a job, a busy social life, and that usually means STRESS. If you are worried that your teen needs more balance, I can help.

For the best chances of success, studies show it takes five, non-parent adults to walk along side a teenager during their adolescents. Hiring a coach ensures that you have a professional, trained mentor with the life experience necessary to help your teen get through with flying colors.

The Coaching Process

Most teens are nervous the first time they walk through my door or answer my first phone call. They feel unsure of exactly why they are here, and they wonder if coaching is some strange new form of punishment designed to make them miserable. My first goal is to set there minds at ease. First, I explain to my new client that it’s perfectly normal to be nervous and confused as to why they are talking to me. Some teens feel hurt and angry during those first few minutes, and some feel curious and a little excited that they are finally going to have a place to talk about the things that are going on in their lives.

If my clients has never heard of a life coach I let them know that coaching gives teens a safe, confidential place for them to learn tools, and gain the confidence they need to live their best life. Having a life coach is similar to having a sports coach. A coach’s job is to teach new skills and help them get better at their sport, or in this case, life.

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