How To Have a Tough Conversation with a Loved One

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If you’ve ever felt hurt by a loved one, this page is for you

Imagine a situation with a loved one that left you feeling disappointed and hurt. Oftentimes, we don’t bother to tell the other person what we are feeling, but if the relationship really matters to you, you might decide to try. Below you will find a helpful guide called how to Have a tough conversation.
hurtYou have two options, one is to explain how you are feeling and the other is to pretend like everything is fine to avoid a potential disagreement. Sometimes it feels easier to keep quiet, rather than express yourself. In the short term, it probably is easier, but the long-term cost of holding in your feelings causes harm to both you and your relationships in the form of stress (both physical and emotional), and breakdown in trust with those you love the most.

Many people believe that conflict is a negative thing, and something to be avoided at all costs. However, the opposite is true. Conflict can help grow and strengthen your relationships and can turn a less than happy experience, into an opportunity to understand one another better and work towards a solution that benefits everyone.

The most important thing to remember about difficult conversations with loved ones is that it is more important to strengthen your relationship than it is to be right. Take some time to think about how you would like the conversation to go. It only takes one person to change the dynamic of a relationship, so your hard work will pay off!

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