It’s a Girl ♥

I’m a lucky mom of two very active little boys. When my hubby and I found out we were pregnant (again), I hoped and prayed for a girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys so much but I have always wanted a girl.
On June 11th, we had our 20 week ultra-sound and to my ultimate delight, the technician told us that she is in fact a girl!! This day was extra-special to me as it was also my beloved Grammie’s birthday. We lost her last summer and it was fun to share this news with my family on an otherwise sad day.
I have spent countless hours sense learning this news day dreaming about what I can teach her, and what she will teach me. I imagine what it will feel like to hold her, kiss her, and welcome her into this beautiful world. Plus, she already has a styling wardrobe and I’d be lying if I said I’m not excited about dressing her up.
Life is good.