Online Life Coach

Life coaching helps teens get ahead, and with an online coach, your teen can achieve the goals that they have been dreaming about!

Where do teens love spending time? Online!
Having an online life coach ensures that some of their screen time is productive and impacting their life in a positive way.

Jamie coaches people in-person and online. Online life coaching helps teens and young adults imagine their grandest vision for their life and develop a plan to achieve it, all from the comfort of home. Your child is amazing, and even amazing kids need a little extra help sometimes. It’s awesome that you are looking for resources for your child, that’s great parenting!

*Email me today to get started! The beauty of having an online life coach is that most of the time, we can get started right away! Your teen will see results quickly and become even more motivated to live life to the fullest.*

Coaching is different than counseling.
Teenagers are well known for keeping their biggest challenges to themselves and it is pretty rare that they admit they need help. Years of experience has shown that teenagers love the coaching model. Coaches believe that teenagers aren’t “broken,” so there is nothing to “fix.”

As a coach, Jamie walks alongside teens as a mentor, offering tools and support to help them recognize that they have the power to make a change in their lives. By finding your child an online life coach, you are giving them an even greater chance at success.

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