Coaching Topics for Teens

Here is a small sampling of topics I cover with my teenage clients

My coaching sessions never look the same, but if I had to pick some of the major coaching topics for teens, this is what I would choose. But beyond these, there is no limit to what we can cover.

Recently, the most popular topic in my office is how to deal with social media anxiety. I’ve developed a 30-Day Digital Detox that has helped dozens of girls who are struggling with social media.

Social Media Addiction
I know addiction is a strong word, but that’s exactly what is going on. Teens are spending upwards of 6-9+ hours a day online and it is taking a toll. After scrolling through Instagram for 30-seconds, statistics say girls feel worse about themselves. But they aren’t just spending 30-seconds scrolling through Instagram, they are spending hours. I have had great success helping girls, and their parents build strong boundaries so that social media can be fun again.

53% of 13-year-old girls are unhappy with their bodies; by the age of 17, it is 78%. These statistics scare me. Media’s portrayal of women has set a standard of beauty that is nearly impossible to achieve. I work to help teens broaden their definition of what makes a person beautiful and encourage teens to define their self-worth based on who they are, rather than what they look like.

Dating & Sex
1 in 4 girls experiences teen dating violence. As a life coach, I help teens identify early warning signs of an unhealthy relationship and give them tools to leave these relationships quickly. Through certification and experience, I am an expert on healthy teen relationships.

While there is no denying the harmful effects of media on young girls’ self-esteem, its portrayal of women and sex is equally unhealthy for teens. A study done by the RAND Corporation shows that teens are twice as likely to have sex or engage in sexual acts if they see similar sexual behavior in the media. Reality TV shows and teen dramas often portray the “cool kids” as the ones who are having sex. I’m trained to educate teens on the harmful effects of media’s portrayal of women and sex. I also help them reflect on the emotional and physical consequences of having sex before they are ready.

70% of students report that they often or almost always feel stressed by their schoolwork. Being under constant stresses takes a physical and emotional toll on teens. Through coaching, I provide my clients with new ways to approach school, stress, and homework. The result is a happier teen who feels capable of managing stress in a healthy way.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Decision Making
Parents are often confused by the unhealthy choices teens make. Teens are surrounded by peer pressure and often truly believe that “everyone’s doing it” when the truth is a majority of teens are choosing not to use drugs and alcohol. A teen’s perception of what their friends are doing can act as a powerful form of peer pressure. Life coaching can help teens understand the consequences of their decisions and can help them learn how to avoid impulsive decisions.
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Friendships Struggles
Friendships formed during the teen years can have a lasting effect. Navigating friendships can be confusing. One day girls can be best friends, and the next they can be worst enemies. I help girls define what they are looking for in a friend and give them tools for walking away from unhealthy friendships. I also teach teens how to make new friendships and be a good friend.

And more…
I develop a plan for each coaching session but I’m always willing to set that aside to discuss whatever is going on in my client’s lives. Parents feel good knowing that their daughter can discuss anything with me and they can trust she is getting solid advice. I’m an expert at “reading between the lines” and getting to the root of the issues and challenges my clients face.