How a One Word New Year’s Resolution Can Change Everything

Raise your hand if you have ever failed at a New Year’s Resolution.

You aren’t alone


We all like the idea of having a fresh start and there is no more perfect time for a fresh start than January 1st. Marketer’s love the new year because they know they are going to be able to sell a ton of products and services to us as we attempt to make this year our best year yet. The truth is, most of us will never succeed with our New Year’s Resolution past the end of January. Perhaps it’s because we set the bar so high, that it’s inevitable that we will come up short.
Here’s a list at New Year’s Resolutions I’ve tried and failed at:

  • Create and stick to a budget
  • Eat Organic/Paleo/Whole Foods, etc.
  • Work out 3-5 times a week
  • Do something that scares me 1x a day
  • Save 10% of every paycheck
  • Shop Less
  • Be offline more
  • Stop Swearing (this one worked for 10 years, crazy but true. I started back up a few years ago 🙂
  • Look polished when I leave the house (this one lasted for about 0 days, comfort is way to appealing)
  • and the list could go on…

Change is possible, but it takes more effort than most of us want to put forth. It is easy to slip back into our pre-New Year habits if we aren’t careful. I gave up on New Year’s Resolutions all together for awhile because I couldn’t get it right. This year, I’m trying something different. Rather than focusing on a total life transformation this New Year, I’m going to focus on one word and hope that simple word will transform my life. You see, it’s much easier to keep one word at the forefront of my mind than it is to remember my traditional list of lofty resolutions. And, in order to be successful at your New Year’s Resolution, it always needs to be at the forfront of your mind.

My plan this year is to submerse myself in this one word, I want it to be the first word that pops into my head in the morning, and the last word to slip away as I fall asleep. I plan to write it on my mirror, hide sticky notes with my word on them all around the house, and allow this word to guide my big decisions, but even more importantly the small ones. A one word resolution will work better for me because I believe in the law of attraction, and the power of my subconscious mind. For the first time in a long time, I’m excited to see how my New Year’s Resolution will impact my life. Perhaps the best part is that I can not fail. I might forget my word for a day, or even a week, but rather than feeling shame over failing at a New Year’s Resolution (again), I simply refocus myself and try again. No more feeling like a loser over another failed resolution!

So what’s my word, you ask? FREE.

Here is what this word is going to mean to me in 2017:

  • FREE from Debt: I’m not completely debt free yet, but my goal is to be there by the end of January and live the next 11 months of 2017 debt free. After paying off my debt, I’m going to focus on the word FREE before each purchase. If the item I’m tempted to purchase doesn’t line up with my vision, I’m going to pass on it (who needs 5 pairs of black heels anyhow?)
  • FREE to work when I please: I’d like to work less, and spend more time with my family. When I focus on the word FREE this year, that is going to be my motivation.
  • FREE to do the things I want: Day trips to Seattle, weekends in San Diego with my hubby, dinner with my best friend, 2 weeks in Hawaii, Mexico with my bestie, movie nights with my family… In 2017 I want to feel free to say YES to all the fun things!
  • FREE of clutter: I have 3 kids, I have a whole lotta stuff. In 2017, I will remind myself that it feels good to live FREE of clutter. I will say NO to the things I would usually purchase. My closet will be an oasis of clothing that I truly love, rather than a clutter of sale items that were too good to pass up.
  • FREE to speak my mind: Sharing my thoughts and opinions has been hard. Until recently, I’ve worried about my reputation, or other people’s opinions of me way too much. In 2017, if I think it should be said, I’m going to say it (kindly of course).
  • Worry FREE: Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want, so I’m going to worry less

So what about you? What word motivates or inspires you? What word makes you want to get up early to get a jump on your dreams? What word can you choose that will shape your year in the most positive way? I would love to hear what you come up with!

To find the perfect word for you, join Girl Reimagined to gain access to our free resource library for your “Guide to Your One Word New Year’s Resolution” worksheet (and SO MUCH more) and you will be on your way to your best year yet 🙂

Happy Holidays and Cheers to you!