Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Advice, Guidance, & Resources for parents of adolescents

Raising a teen can be hard, you are not alone in this. Parent coaching can be the answer to many of the typical struggles at home.

Perhaps your child isn’t open to the idea of coaching, but you would like to see change. I enjoy helping parents navigate the tricky teen years. If you would like to schedule a one-time consultation to troubleshoot a specific problem, or if you would like to talk more often about an ongoing challenge you are facing with your child, I’d be happy to help.

Over 18 years experience has offered me valuable insight into the sometimes complicated world of teens.

Common topics for parent coaching:

  1. Improving communication at home
  2. Setting clear and consistent boundaries
  3. Homework strategies
  4. tools for helping teen cope with anxiety
  5. Improving the quality of their relationship with their child

Whatever the reason parents contact me they always have one thing in common, they want the very best for their teen.