The Homework Cafe

I get calls weekly from parents who are frustrated by their teenager’s lack of organization and poor study habits. When parents say, “my teenager isn’t doing well in school,” my first guess is that their child is feeling overwhelmed and under-confident and usually, I’m right. High school is tough, and there isn’t a road map for kids to read upon entering high school that teaches them how to be successful.

It’s crazy that more time isn’t spent  teaching kids HOW to succeed in school. Kids need to be taught how to study, how to take notes, how to be good group member, and how to find the internal drive to do well in school. As adults, if we started a new job with zero training, we would have a tough time. The same goes for kids trying to navigate high school. Imagine having 6 different bosses, with 6 different sets of expectations that you had to try to figure out by trial and error every. single. day. It would be exhausting! Some kids figure it out on their own, but wouldn’t our schools be more effective if they took the guess work out of the equation for kids?

Anchor Society’s Homework Cafe was born as a solution to this problem. I help kids analyze their strengths and weaknesses in the academic world. We celebrate their strengths, and make a game plan to help them grow in their weaker areas. A major benefit of the Homework Cafe is that kids leave with less stress, more confidence, and a brighter outlook on their week. I sit down with each teen to develop their goals for the week and their plan of action, and I hold them accountable. It’s a beautiful thing to be in a room with kids who are focused and motivated to do their best in school. Some would say it’s a miracle 🙂