Why your daughter doesn’t listen to you

I know that when your daughter doesn’t listen to you when she is hurting that it hurts you.

Especially, because you know so much that can help her.

You might feel bewildered about why your teen lets harmful ideas define her or why she lets her “friends” treat her so disrespectfully.

How could this smart, beautiful, amazing girl with so much to give feel so bad about herself?

You clearly see her potential, and you endlessly try to show it to her, but she can’t see it.

She doesn’t seem to hear your affirmations and encouragements.

You might even feel like a fly buzzing around her head while she swats you away. This is what most parents tell me they feel like when they’re trying to help their daughter.

If this is your experience too, I want you to know this is common for many reasons.

The truth is that teen girls need people outside their family to reflect their gifts to them.

They hear you (even if it doesn’t seem like it), but need other people to affirm their gifts, encourage them to grow, and celebrate their successes.

So they might totally trust you.

They might believe what you say.

And know you have answers to their problems that they agree with.

But because it’s the nature of a growing teenager to individuate, this usually includes pushing parents away.

Teenagers HAVE to individuate in order to become adults. It’s part of their development, but that doesn’t make it easy.

Especially, when they are having a hard time.

So as wise as you are, your daughter might not listen to you

It doesn’t mean she doesn’t need tools or support. She does!

And at this stage in her development, help from the right people is extremely important!

Especially, if she is going through a tough time and isn’t opening up.

This is where coaching can help!

Coaching for teen girls offers tools that are designed for their stage of development.

It also offers encouragement in a safe environment for them to grow.

What’s amazing is that when girls open up and listen to their coach, they begin to make progress. They become more confident and self-motivated to grow!

Her relationship with you can change too.

In coaching, your daughter will be supported (and encouraged to listen to you)

With the right coaching, you will see your daughter go from where she is now…


  • Independently managing stress and challenges
  • Self-confident and believing in her value
  • Building solid, kind friendships that support her
  • Staying open with you and true to herself
  • Motivated to succeed at school
  • Making positive, self-affirming choices

This is what I specialize in. And it’s what I love.

I’ve dedicated over 20 years to helping teen girls and love watching them grow.

No matter how stressed, afraid, anxious and unable to cope with challenges your daughter seems, I will partner with you to help her turn that situation around in WEEKS, not years.

She will learn how to leave the self-limiting beliefs that sabotage her joy.

She will learn the path to having her own voice and valuing who she is, which is life changing!

Through teen coaching, your daughter will have an opportunity to come home to who she is made to be. And open up to you!

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