Girl who is very stressed clutching her head

Your biggest question answered

The biggest question I receive from concerned parents, “How is coaching different from psychotherapy, and what results will it give my daughter that therapy won’t?”

Therapy seems to be the a natural choice to take when a teen girl needs help, so how is coaching different?

An important question to address is “What will my daughter do in a therapy appointment?”

Often, therapists delve into questions about the past. For some girls this can be helpful.

But usually, it’s not what a teen girl needs most.

Girls need to know what to do with what’s happening in their lives, both at school and at home.

They usually need self-awareness and real life skills in order to better navigate their challenges.

This is how a coaching session is different than a therapy session. A coach:

  • Discerns what strategies might help her move forward quickly.
  • Helps her make a plan she is comfortable that can immediately begin to change her life.
  • Gently pushes her outside her comfort zone, and empowers her to walk into life with confidence.

When setbacks occur, a coach also offers encouragement and another strategy to help.

These examples might help you decide

If you’re seeing any of these behaviors at home, teen coaching is most likely the best choice:

1. Your wonderful daughter explodes with anger often.

  • In coaching girls learn how to handle their emotions which helps them calm down. That way they don’t overreact or go to their room to isolate.

2. Your beautiful girl feels unwanted because of the rude comments she receives at school.

  • Through coaching girls hear about relationship dynamics. They learn strategies to repair friendships, leave the mean friends, and grow closer to the kind ones.

3. Your daughter is smart but is so connected to her phone, she isn’t reaching her potential in school.

  • With coaching girls learn to value how school can help them and set boundaries for their phone time.

Therapists don’t typically teach these skills to teens.

In coaching, girls are given specific strategies and encouragement to move forward, which is why coaching can be the best solution.

This family had their biggest question answered with coaching

Maggie was 16 when I began coaching her. She would cry and eat her lunch in the bathroom every day.

She went to therapy, but told me that it made her feel sad, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

When we started working together, her parents had pulled her out of school because it was just too hard to face all her fears in a school setting.

After eight weeks of teen coaching, she felt confident enough that she went back to school. She was actually excited to try out the new strategies I’d given her.

Within six months, she became a powerful voice in her school and community.

This talented girl, who couldn’t go to school out of fear, ended up giving a speech in front of hundreds of students.

She took the suggestions I offered and tried the strategies. She chose to take the steps to grow, and she’s the one who succeeded!

The change was beautiful to watch, and her confidence is strong!

Maggie’s family answered their biggest question with teen coaching, and it was the best choice for them.

If your daughter is hurting and you want this big question answered, the best step is to watch my masterclass!

If you have already watched my class and it resonates, book a call with me to explore how I can help.

If it doesn’t, then find another resource, but take action if your daughter needs help.